About Us

Who we are

Pulaski County Board Of REALTORS®.was established in 1974
and serves approximately 110 REALTOR® members and
affiliate members.  

The membership of  Pulaski County Board Of REALTORS®.
(PCBOR) is comprised of licensed real estate agents and
licensed brokers who are dues-paying members and affiliate
members who are engaged in some aspect of the real estate
profession and pay dues (i.e, banks, title companies, and
appraisal companies).  

Pulaski County Board Of REALTORS®. (PCBOR) exists to
effectively and efficiently respond to the needs of its constituent
members by protecting and enhancing the rights and
capabilities of the members to conduct their business; enabling
them to serve the public in a competent and ethical manner;
and fostering a favorable real estate environment.

Services offered to the members of the Pulaski County Board
Of REALTORS®.(PCBOR )are varied and relevant
encompassing areas that directly and indirectly impact on
REALTORS®  daily  business, including education,
communication, member services, and legislative activity.